About Ignition Technology NEUR

Your Security Distributor For The SaaS World

We are your security distributor for the SaaS world in the NEUR. We believe in the power of the channel to enable and secure business transformation.

We enable our partners to create solutions that better protect their customers and enable them navigate the future of cybersecurity through our people, our knowledge and our solutions and services.

By discovering new & emerging cybersecurity solutions, we can help our partners de-risk their business, create value and maintain relevance with their customers whilst delivering peace of mind.

So, how do we create value?

Our Technology

We ensure our partners remain relevant through our knowledge, expertise, services and technology choices. We’re de-risking and future-proofing theirs and their customers’ business. Better conversations lead to better outcomes.

Our Knowledge

We’ve walked in your shoes and those of your customers. We understand and appreciate the challenges faced. That’s why we create powerful stories that solve customer issues with innovative solutions.

Our Services

We’re seen as the future of the channel and what we do is more than just distribution. Services are just as important as the product in the new world of IT service delivery and consumption – software-defined, cloud-centric, as-a-service.

Our People

Technology is key but people make the difference. People buy from people and we have some of the best. We see ourselves as an extension to our partners and our approach and attitude is winning fans. They like the fact that we care.


Our approach and attitude is winning fans, that’s why we’re looking for energetic, innovative, people who welcome change and have the determination to succeed.

Our Value

We exist to create value for our customers. We know that all partners are different, therefore we tailor our sales, marketing and technical support to suit their needs.