Risk Monitoring

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Cybersecurity ratings and insights that make it easy to understand and act on your risks

Data Accuracy

RiskRecon’s asset attribution is independently certified to 99.1% accuracy. Action requires accuracy and transparency. RiskRecon provides you both.

Custom-Tuned For Your Needs

Every RiskRecon assessment is custom-fitted to match your risk appetite, enabling you to focus on the issues that matter most.

Automated Workflows

RiskRecon has advanced workflow capabilities that enable you to easily understand and mitigate Third-party risk.

Built to quickly and easily address critical cybersecurity challenges

  • Compliance and regulatory pressures 
  • Lack of visibility into vendor risk 
  • Third-party risks not prioritised 
  • Limited resources to manage onboarding, risk review, vendor audits 
  • Drowning in data: large number of findings/scores for vendors 
  • Inability to measure effectiveness of program

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Third-Party risk Management

Organisations now largely entrust third parties with their most sensitive data and operational functions. To help safeguard digital ecosystems from third-party risk, organisations need simple, real-time visibility of third-party partners’ cyber posture. Companies lacking this visibility cannot detect potential threats and address them.

Supply Chain Risk

Catastrophic multi-party breach events show that cyber risk can originate in supply chain layers beyond immediate third parties. However, cybersecurity teams are less likely to know who those supply chain vendors are, let alone receive rights to audit or risk assess them directly – leaving organisations exposed to a potential backdoor supply chain cyber attack.

Own Enterprise & Subsidiary Monitoring

An organisation’s attack surface is often larger and more complex than it may seem. Without a complete picture of their own risk surface, organisations are vulnerable to data breaches, and face losing both potential and existing customers, vendors, or partners.

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