Illusive Stops Attack Movement Across Endpoints, Data Centers and Clouds. With Illusive you have the power to shut down the lateral movement that enables today’s most dangerous threats, including ransomware, malicious insiders, nation-state attacks and more.

Illusive is a cyber security company at the forefront of deception technology, the most effective protection against Advanced Attacks. illusive creates an alternate reality, transparently woven into your existing network. Attackers led into this reality will be instantly identified beyond all doubt, triggering a high-fidelity alert you can act upon.

To beat an attacker you need to think like an attacker. IT looks at the network as a hierarchical map of connections. Attackers however, see a completely different picture. illusive Attacker View lets security professionals see their network from the attacker’s point of view.

Attack Surface Manager

  • Continuously and easily reduce your attack surface – Using point-and-click functionality to enforce credential policy violations and remove high-risk connections.
  • Detect attackers faster – By increasing the odds that attackers will activate deceptions.
  • Improve cyber agility – You can’t stop users from connecting, but by continuously reducing attacker mobility, you can enable your dynamic organization to operate with greater confidence.

Attack Detection System

  • Detect attackers early – no matter where the compromise begins.
  • Reduce noise in the SOC – through high-fidelity alerts.
  • Immediately see what’s at risk and dynamically adjust – when an attack is occurring, as the business environment changes.

Attack Intelligence System

  • Quickly make smart decisions under fire – leveraging real-time, precision intelligence. Immediately upon detection, IR teams can see the attacker’s position in relation to critical business assets and are equipped with context-aware data to understand the incident, focus the investigation process, and quickly determine the best course of action.
  • Magnify the power of limited IR resources – by having a single, easily viewable source of unified forensic data that empowers both expert and non-expert defenders.
  • Improve long-term cyber resilience – by gaining in-depth insight into the tools, tactics and techniques of the attacker to integrate lessons and improve future defences.

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