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Security Scorecard provides comprehensive security ratings, automated assessments, and guidance from industry experts, providing easy-to-understand A-F graded scorecards for improved communication, effective compliance reporting, and more informed decision making. The solution allows organisations to automate and accelerate questionnaire exchange with over 20 compliance survey templates and questionnaires at scale. 

security data

Security Ratings

Gain an outside-in view of security posture so you can take preventative action. Scoring is based on trusted, transparent ratings methodology and data collected on millions of organisations.

security data

Security Data

Access and analyse SecurityScorecard’s security data for actionable insights to make fast decisions. Use data analytics and build risk models using comprehensive security data continuously collected from SecurityScorecard sensors.

security Assessments

Security Assessments

Use automation and machine learning to validate vendor responses and shorten the assessment process by as much as 83%*. SecurityScorecard Assessments complement security ratings for a complete inside-out view of vendor risk.


Cyber Risk Reporting

Security leaders need to put security into the context of business problems when presenting to stakeholders. SecurityScorecard’s Cyber Risk Reporting Center enables you to easily interpret and share SecurityScorecard findings.

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Security ratings grade a large pool of data enabling teams to:

  • Streamline information and remove blind spots
  • Continually monitor and prioritise organisation vulnerabilities
  • Understand the risks posed by any third party in the supply chain
  • Gain access to critical insights to negotiate the best cyber-insurance pricing and plans
  • Benchmark and compare best practices alongside industry peers

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