Synack, the most trusted crowdsourced security platform, delivers comprehensive and continuous penetration testing with actionable results. The company combines the world’s most skilled and trusted ethical hackers with AI-enabled technology to create a scalable, effective security solution. The Synack platform delivers data-driven insights to help organisations understand their risk from a hacker’s perspective and then mitigate that risk with a hacker’s help. These insights secure critical infrastructure and leading brands and businesses around the world.


  • Two Week testing with Smartscan


  • Two week testing with Smartscan
  • Smartscan licence for 365 Days
  • Missions: Testing OWASP and PCI Frameworks

Synack 365

  • Continuous testing 365 days a year of critical assets
  • Smartscan licence for 365 days
  • Missions

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Synack 365 Datasheet Synack 365 Datasheet
Download Synack 365 Datasheet here
Buyer's Guide to Penetration Testing
Download Synack's Buyer's Guide to Penetration Testing 2020
The Synack Value Data Sheet
Download The Synack Value Datasheet here

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